peran generasi muda untuk meningkatkan pariwisata budaya

The Role of Young Generation to Improving the Cultural Tourism

What Is The Culture?
The American Heritage Dictionary interpret the culture is the entirety from behavior pattern delivered by social life, religion, institute, and all result work and opinion of human being from a human being group. Culture of exist in divisible Indonesia two that is ethnic culture and also foreign culture.

My Friends…
As we know, Indonesia is very rich state with the experienced resource and culture resource which abundance. Our nation represent the all nation of multi, good that multi-insular, multi-culture, multi-language, and also multi-religion. All the things when managed better can be made as potency to be prosperous of people and move forward our nation.

Unhappily, in cultural tourism discourse in national storey level, what is oftentimes made by reference and example is tourism in Bali. Impressing only Bali area which only can be moved forward by its culture tourism to draw the good visit of tourist of Indonesia and also foreign countries. Is not wrong, it is true when we pride upon the Bali efficacy as area of tourism target of a world of have yielded the contribution of foreign exchange to state in gross. But if we trapped only rely on one just Bali area, hence progress of Indonesia tourism will experience of the very high depending to the area. This matter is proven, when in Bali happened by the bomb tragedy exploded by terrorist clan, hence our state's stock exchange acceptance in cultural tourism area become down.

My Friends, the Young Generation of Indonesia....
Our Nation culture is very multifarious manner, but despitefully a lot of our society awareness less culture variety will our, therefore we are all the rising generation have to take care of and preserve and also inculcate at heart our nation culture, so our offspring also can enjoy it. How? We can develop our nation tourism by inculcating love and nationalism to culture local, developing experienced resource and human being effectively as efficient as possible and also, developing new culture is compatible with our culture. We have to remember the friend, spirit of making a change have to be proportional hotly fill the change.

Thank You 

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